Authors: Lessons from Public Speaking Coaches

If you are an author, it’s time to realize you need to think beyond the book. Even before you’ve published, you should be building an audience through your website, email marketing and social media. This way when the books are ready, (either paperback, hard cover or ebook) you have a captive audience and are ready for speaking events and readings.

Over at Broadcast Louder, my educational webinar series for entrepreneurs and creatives, I have been fortunate to book a few of the top public speaking coaches. I am including the links to two of those webinars, so you can gain an edge for your next live gig.

Webinar with Cindy Ashton, speaking coach, singer/entertainer
Ultimate Speaking Strategies: Convert Inattentive Audiences into Active Participants that Become Paying Clients
Webinar with Ava Diamond, founder of Big Impact Speaking
Speak Your Way to Profits: How Have a Steady Stream of Clients, Referrals, Leads, and Cash

If you’d like to say hello, I’ll be at the Self Publishing Book Expo on November 9, 2013 in Manhattan.

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