Favorite Children’s Books

I’ll bet you didn’t know I have a pretty nice collection of children’s picture books. I started collecting them many years ago when I was still working as an art director in book publishing.

As a visual designer, I can only imagine the joy an illustrator or photographer has when asked to do a children’s book. They all aspire to have this. I know when I’m designing a book that will incorporate many illustrations throughout, it takes time and patience, as well as the gift of storytelling by that artist.

There are some illustrators that started their careers creating illustrations for novels and other fiction/nonfiction, but once they completed their first children’s book, they stuck with that and never went back. Is it because it’s a more involved, a carefully thought out project and one that is like a mini portfolio too?

I only know that I love this format, love looking at them, reading them, giving them as gifts and of course collecting them. Here is a mini gallery from my growing collection. (Featured are: David Shannon, Arnold Lobel, Peter Sis, William Wegman, Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith, David Kirk and Wendell Minor.)

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