Books and Online Design

Most recently I had the opportunity to design the book cover, book interior and book website for author, Nancy Salz. Nancy Salz has shared a beautiful, heartfelt memoir with Nanny: A Memoir of Love and Secrets. From the first page, we are drawn into the world of a well-to-do family in Manhattan, the young Nancy, and her new Nanny, as only she can tell it. Nancy continues on each page to draw us closer with her words and visual description and keeps us there until its conclusion.

Nanny - A Memoir of Love and Secrets by Nancy Salz, Book Cover, Book Interior and Website Design

As an environmentalist with my own nonprofit, Frogs Are Green, you can only imagine how excited I was when Ridge and Valley approached me to design their book, WILD: Young Poets on Northwest New Jersey! “The poems of Ridge and Valley Wild gracefully capture the grandeur and beauty of northwest New Jersey. This inspiring collection features 46 poems by young people, aged 5 to 16, who come from New Jersey’s Ridge and Valley region. Beautiful color photos, all contributed by local nature photographers, highlight each poem…”

WILD: Young Poets on Northwest New Jersey by Ridge and Valley

One of my favorite types of book, is the children’s picture book. I love working with authors like Thorsten Kaye (who is also an actor), beautiful illustrations by Tami Evans (colorized by Hugh Harrison) and it was a thrill to meet them in person too at the book launch party. Check out the book order web page and background, which just happens to be the design for the endpapers! A Solid Wheel of Colored Ribbons

Thorsten Kaye's A Solid Wheel of Colored Ribbons. Book Cover and Book Interior Design.

Daniel Hill Zafren and I have been working together for many years now. He consistently writes new books and I’m always excited when a new manuscript is sent. The latest book is pictured first. Also in this gallery are some of the other book covers over the years, the identity and website design, brochure that features the books and the Facebook cover shot and logo profile. Time Treasures Books offers quality works of fiction and nonfiction.

I’d like to feature Julie Steelman, Entrepreneur and Author of the Effortless Yes. In this gallery you will see the book cover design, custom website design using WordPress and my original theme for her. After the website launching, I designed Julie’s business card to match, the backgrounds for her pages on Twitter and YouTube, email marketing, and assorted banners for events and headers for squeeze web pages. Having the design and consistency across the web and in print marketing is why branding an author to promote and sell their book is the key to success! Read and watch the video interview with Julie Steelman.

In this gallery, I’m featuring Elizabeth Knight and both her Tea with Friends brand, and the book we created Celtic Teas with Friends. This book is very dear to me. It is fully illustrated throughout by the fabulous watercolor artist Hugh Harrison. It has great party ideas, stories and recipes for each month of the year, and my friend John Crittenden, was the copyeditor. This is a hard cover edition with a dust jacket. Also you’ll see an illustration of four fabulous ladies and that’s my Mom on the left side in the fur. Elizabeth honored us by letting our Moms be included. This is what is means to create something as a team that you are so proud of, and love showing to others. You will see the interior design and assorted other projects, ranging from bookmarks, advertisements and sell sheets, to the bookplate, business card and stationery designs. You’ll also see Elizabeth’s website, Tea With Friends, a sample of the email marketing and when she created her own special blend of teas, a packaging label.