Getting Ready for the Self-Publishing Book Expo

self publishing book expo new yorkIt’s coming! In just two weeks (Saturday, Nov. 9)  authors, publishers and designers will meet up at the Self-Publishing Book Expo, being held at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Manhattan!

I’m excited to be on a panel with Andy Carpenter and Mallory Rock, talking about book design and answering your many questions about self-publishing.

Thinking ahead, I know one of the most asked questions will be, “Where do I begin?” Yes, I understand why so many ask this very question.

You’ve spent months if not years crafting your story and now that it’s ready, you’re stuck.

Your published book is tied to your name forever, and is your best promotional offering. Better than a business card or any print materials.

But we’ve skipped ahead to the glory and rewards, and haven’t addressed the “how.”

An author needs a serious brand/marketing plan of action. Before that cover is even designed the strategy should be mapped out. The problem that many authors face is they spend very little time on the buildup and once they publish, they think a miracle will happen and all of a sudden millions will flock to buy.

I want you to think about it a different way. If your book were a movie or TV series coming out next summer, the trailers would be playing now in the theaters and online. You’d be seeing the advertising in magazines, on billboards and buses. Because they are teasing us, putting the information in our minds, and they will continue this for months and build the campaign until the premiere.

They have secured an audience so when it’s time for release, people are lined up.

This is what a real brand/marketing strategy is and if you want them lined up, this is what you must plan out with a professional.

So, say hello and let’s get acquainted at the expo.

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