How to Boost Your Brand With a SuperDuper Book

how to boost your brand with a superduper bookWhenever an entrepreneur / expert is called to make an appearance on tv and radio or in person at a speaking event, you know what the first question they ask is, right?

Do you have a book?

Of course, in most cases they were asked to appear because of their book. It’s the book that gave them that credibility.

Whether I’m watching the PBS Newshour or Bill Maher’s Real Time, each invited guest is announced and they hold up or show their latest published book.

In March, I was asked to speak at NAWBO Pittsburgh and was setting up my vendor table with a variety of self-promotional items including business cards, postcards, and educational CDs with tutorial lessons. But, what I was missing from my table was a book. I am working on my first book and it will definitely be published this year. It’s not yet titled, but is about building a superhero brand presence online and offline.

However, recently I was asked to contribute a chapter to the soon to be published e-book, Self-Promotion SUCKS! (but it doesn’t have to) which is now available! I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of something so awesome. There are 39 other contributors to this gem. Forty Entrepreneurs all writing in a fun and still instructional way about the thing most small business owners and creatives hate, self-promotion. In addition, as a collaborative effort, it has introduced me to 39 other entrepreneurs, all of whom I’m getting to know better. We are all part of a private Facebook group and have been able to ask each other questions and support each other. We are now also connected in a Twitter list. With all 40 promoting across the web and in social media we are going to make sure that when the publication date comes, this book is a bestseller.

In June, I was a panelist at both uPublishU at the Book Expo and at the Writers’ Conference at Hunter College and I saw a theme running through most of the panels and lectures. Authors write their manuscript and then have no idea what to do next. How to design it, publish it in the varied formats (Kindle, iPad, pdf or an actual printed book), and of course then promote it.

Today, it seems like it takes a village to create and launch a book successfully, but it’s not that hard to do, if you are able to recruit the right people to be on your team or participate in spreading your message.

So, how is being a published author going to boost my brand?

I will now have a book that says in print I was a part of it. I could now add, published contributor or published to my moniker and update all my profiles. When someone visits any of my web pages, there is something that changes in their perception of who I am and what I have done, when they see the cover of a book.

Why is this? As entrepreneurs wouldn’t they sense the credibility from my past accomplishments? Why is it that once you are published it makes such a huge difference in how others see you?

Maybe it’s because only a very small percentage of the population has accomplished being published. Does being an indie book author change this though?

So, a book will boost YOUR brand and once published, here are few ways to be sure of the win-win!

  1. You’ve got to have a fantastic title and cover, not to mention a carefully designed interior. Remember you are creating something that represents YOU and you want to proudly display, sell and sign it.
  2. Do you belong to a group, meetup or organization (or a few?) You’ll want to reach out to these colleagues and find a way to share with them. Remember that saying, “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine?” This is when social media and the web are at their finest. Just imagine from the book example above what happens when 40 people are posting and blogging all at once and their followers start reposting! We are taking over the web! Well we can certainly try to!
  3. Not only can you help promote each others books or products, but you can read and review them also. Imagine what happens when you get 10 or more reviews on Amazon for your book?
  4. Organizations that have published authors as members now want you, or you can request to join. Start mingling with those like-minded entrepreneurs and the successful speaking engagements start rolling in.
  5. Other entrepreneurs now want you to contribute to their books.
  6. Publishers start calling? You never know. So get writing.

You know I’m going to finish mine.

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