Website or iPad Gallery and the Printed Portfolio

Having your website portfolio updated and often is the key to gaining more traffic and leads. I know that I add content in graphics, email newsletters, and blogs on a consistent basis. By keeping the content fresh, Google will be kind and recognize those new samples.

The more you update, the more you will see that important ROI. The statistics go like this: if you blog once a month you will see a 38% ROI, but if you change that to once a week, 58%. That’s almost double! (watch this important webinar on Marketing Tips)

iPad portfolio case

You can easily just show your latest project and tell the readers something about it.

So, I’ve been thinking with all this updating, is there still a need for the printed portfolio. You know the one you can hold and turn pages to see the samples. Should this be updated monthly also? I was recently called to a meeting and they asked me to bring some samples. I was torn between bringing my laptop with websites loaded in tabs, a device with a little gallery or bringing the printed portfolio with samples.

I choose the printed portfolio. Why? Because you can direct the order in which you are presenting your work, and don’t need to showcase examples live that the client may not be interested in viewing. However, if there are examples the client wants to see live, the laptop or iPad can provide those. You can show a gallery of digital samples on a device like the iPad or Kindle Fire too!

So, I ask you, which version would you present to a prospective client and why?

2 thoughts on “Website or iPad Gallery and the Printed Portfolio

  1. Jackie Meyer

    In this virtual world, I almost never meet my clients, and with ebooks – no longer have print samples. Digital, full in. Credentials, referrals, and word of mouth are my number one sales tool. I love having clients all over the country.

    1. Susan Newman Post author

      Thanks Jackie. Yes the digital world with network and relationship marketing. So I guess that’s a no to using the print portfolio anymore.

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