What Does a Speaker Need Visually for Events?

Authors and speakers pick up speaking gigs all the time and they should have a handy checklist of what they need to bring along or send ahead. Planning out exactly what you will be featuring at your vendor table and surrounding area based on your business and what you are speaking about is also key.

Every gig may be different, for example, I’ll be a panelist at an upcoming conference and won’t have a vendor table, but I will bring business cards and/or postcards as well as maybe a handout for the audience after the discussion. Whereas at a recent conference I did have a vendor table, so I was able to display things and sell products.

It’s a good idea to make sure you have different types of marketing materials prepared but the ones you bring can change per the event.

A professional graphic designer can sync up all those materials and give you that professional edge that makes more people head to your table, rather than some others.

I met a woman speaker, who told me she created a new business card for every event she attended. Why? Because some of the people she knows or sees at other events will walk by her table and if they see the same cards, they will pass her by. If there are new materials, they stop and pick them up. Remember that people will see something a few times before they stop and buy.

Recommended Branded Materials:

  • PowerPoint Designs (for your presentation) that match your branding
  • Displays for showing your books or products
  • Posters or signage for on your table or sitting on a stand next to your table
  • Event Flag (if there’s room)
  • Branded Giveaways such as little notebooks, pads, pens, calendars
  • Actual products (t-shirts, DVDs, posters and books for sale
  • Flyers, postcards and business cards

Other Recommendations:

  • Glass bowl to gather other business cards
  • Sign-up sheet for gathering email
  • Laptop computer to show your website or a special display page or offer

Get ready for your 2014 events by preparing now!

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